Sydney Thweatt

Letter from the Thweatts
April 22, 2008

We miss our precious Sydney more than we could ever express. God made her bigger than life. Through Sydney, Christ taught us about living courageously, boldly and without fear. He taught us about perseverance, faith, love and true hope. We learned to focus on who God is and His word that was written on our hearts instead of what He is doing, and we have been forever transformed.

If you'd like to listen to Sydney's Memorial service, right-click here and select "Save Target As..." Once the audio is downloaded to your computer, you can listen to the service.

We thank God for you.

We thank God for the faith He has given you. You have encouraged us with your faith through your words of truth, your deeds and your fervent prayers. Your faithfulness became stability in our lives when our world felt as if it were falling apart.

We thank God for your continued trust in Him that He has given you. Your trust reminds us to also trust in the Lord with all our heart and to not lean on our own understanding. It encouraged us to cling to God and His word in the midst of darkness and to trust that we were never alone even when we did not feel His presence.

We thank God for your hearts that are filled with His spirit. We are thankful that, when you felt led, you chose to walk beside us on a very difficult road and face our pain with us. We know you made sacrifices for us and served us in so many ways. You became the hands and feet of Christ to our family.

We thank God for the love He poured on us through all of you. Your love lifted us up and is a constant reminder of God's love for us through His beloved son Jesus Christ.

It is in Christ alone that we find our true comfort and hope.

This world, this life, is not our home. We are far away from our true home. We are journeying towards it and nothing in this life can compare to what God has in store for those who love Him and who come home to dwell with Him. Sydney has suffered His passion and has received His reward much sooner than the rest of us. She is in Heaven and will joyfully greet us when God calls us home.

We are forever grateful to God for you,


The Thweatt Family